The Best Fabric Slipcovers And Cheap Sofa Covers 2020 | Reviews & Guides

To protect and extend the life of your sofa upholstery, purchasing an appropriate cover is an excellent solution at an affordable price. Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing one of these products, we recommend that you take into account certain aspects so that you can choose a quality model. Sometimes it becomes very painful to choose the perfect slipcovers for your sofas or couches.

For your convenience, we’ve researched on various famous slipcover brands and listed the best fabric slipcovers that you can buy without any confusion. So, let’s have a look at the best cheap sofa covers and the characteristics of each item.

The 10 Best Fabric Slipcovers For Sofa 2020

What is the best sofa cover?

The life and beauty of our furniture depend on the treatment and care they receive. So, do not hesitate to find a good alternative to protect your favorite chair or the sofa where children play and enjoy watching TV.

The best option will always be the one that meets or exceeds your expectations, but before buying a sofa cover, compare your goals with the available options and consider the environment, design and adjustability, materials and measurements.

Consider whether you will achieve the desired effect in the merely functional sense, in addition to the quality, price and decorative adaptation possibilities, so that you can take care of, change and improve the appearance of your spaces.

Here we present  the best cheap sofa covers: 

Buying guide for fabric sofa cover

The covers are an always useful acquisition; Even when you no longer intend to place them on your sofa, you can reuse the fabric for new projects. Meanwhile, you will be able to cover your furniture and improve your living room, but consider the following characteristics before making your purchase.


Just as there are sofas of different sizes, the covers also have different sizes so that the fit is perfect and there are no slips or movements during use.

As a general line, the different models of covers are presented adapted to the number of seats on the sofa, so we can find covers for single-seat sofas, sets of 3 + 2 and even models that can be used to cover 4-seat models.

In any case, you should bear in mind that the number of seats is a guideline, so it is worth comparing the cover measurements you have in mind with the measurements of your sofa, in order to guarantee a perfect fit or, what What is worse, that at a given moment the cover does not fit on the sofa.

Mounting system

Within the comparison of sofa covers and their mounting systems, we find two main lines. The first of these are the products in which the cover has a preformed design with the silhouette of the sofa and once assembled, it has a highly resistant elastic rubber that is responsible for making the closure at the bottom, thus guaranteeing the fit over the upholstery of the product.

This option is the most recommended, especially considering that there is no excessive difference in how much one design or another costs. The other fundamental mounting system also consists of rubber straps, although in this case hooks are usually included in the lower area, making various adjustments with the rubber straps along the body of the sofa.

Although this system offers a slightly better fit on the furniture, it is true that the assembly is also much more complex.


We conclude by talking about the fabric from which the cover is made. Generally, this fabric is elastic and usually includes a variable cotton part, a polyester part and a small percentage of elastomer, which is what gives the fiber the elasticity to fit correctly.

In this proportion, cotton is usually better than polyester, since the fabric will be stronger and softer, incorporating at least 5% or more elastomer to make adjustment easier. However, it is also important to check that the fabric is resistant and easy to clean, making sure that the product can be washed in the washing machine.

As for the design of the same, the options are endless, like the upholstery, but it is always better to bet on smooth designs without fringes, to avoid deterioration due to snagging or due to rubbing against the cover itself.


The most important thing to consider, before selecting a cover, is that it can be adjusted to the furniture in a satisfactory way.

Traditional covers are very suitable for sofas or armchairs with rounded edges on the back and arms.

Other covers come out of the one-piece pattern and offer two or more linings to cover the frame and seats separately.


When you know which cover is best for your sofa and your living room, remember to take the measurements of your furniture to choose the most suitable size.

A basic measurement will be the length between the inner edges of the sofa arms, just as you are looking for a sofa bed cover , you must take the measurements of each piece that integrates the module to know what your best options are.

Another important measure will be from sleep to seat, that will give the length of the skirt that will be needed to cover the entire sofa.


The choice of material could be determined considering the use that the sofa will have. If the idea is to protect it from dust, a simple material will do the job; But if you want to prevent children from staining or deteriorating the upholstery, consider using some waterproof, heavy and easy to wash material to fulfill your purposes.

With canvas, twill or thick cotton the continuous use sofa will have a long useful life. A mixture of textile products such as polyester and micro-suede, will involve a more elastic and adjustable cover. Silk, wool or linen covers offer elegance and warmth, but should not be machine washed.

Advantages of sofa covers


The great advantages of using covers to protect furniture have already been exposed, but remember that in addition to the protective effect, covering a sofa, the coffee table or the old grandfather’s seat will have aesthetic effects that will expand harmony and the beauty in your environment.

Easy to clean

Ease is another word associated with sofa covers. In addition to being installed and removed quickly and easily, most can be machine washed as many times as necessary to remove and clean the residues that are left in the day to day.


Forget the stiffness and the limits when creating a completely personalized room. The versatility offered by the sofa covers will allow you to combine textures and colors every time you need to renew your spaces.

Buying at least two covers will give you an idea of ​​the range of options you have available.

Disadvantages of sofa covers


Although there are covers that adapt to any style, if we do not make the right choice, a cover can spoil the room due to its almost always informal and relaxed appearance. So take care to carefully observe the environment you have, the result you are looking for and the available options.


Find out about the general quality and weaknesses of the material, because it may happen that after washing a carefully chosen cover, it shrinks and you can not put it back in place with the fit and precision the first time, and you must invent some temporary and substitute hooking method that will never give the best result.


A cover that does not fit the furniture correctly will always have wrinkles, folds and folds that make its appearance ugly.

The best way to avoid it is to choose a tailored cover made especially for the furniture where it will be placed, with its respective zipper, or select a very elastic and flexible cover to fit without deformation to any sofa.

How to use a sofa cover

Since you are thinking of renovating the appearance of your furniture, you have decided to buy a cover for your sofa, since this is one of the cheapest ways to change the image and style of your environment. Therefore, we have prepared this article to guide you on how you should use a sofa cover and be able to get the most out of your investment.

Check the instructions guide for the assembly of your product

The sofa covers vary in shape and size, depending on whether it is one, two or three seats. So it is very important to review the assembly instructions guide, because it can have a system of zip, elastic or velcro closures. In addition, the instruction guides include recommendations to keep your product carefully.

Use the cover covering the back of the sofa

The first thing you should do is locate the armrest and headrest of the cover. Place it from the back of the sofa. Pull the fabric down so that the elastic band of the cover adheres to the four sides of the sofa. The fabric should be fully stretched on the headrest and armrest part. You can tuck excess fabric between the seat cushion and backrest until the fit you want is achieved. The fabric of the sofa covers is adaptable and will allow it to be adjusted better.

Wrinkles that form when the sleeve is first placed tend to disappear over time. However, you can choose to use steam irons or a normal iron at low temperature with a damp cloth.

It is possible that at first, the cover has a few small spots due to the manufacturing process, these will disappear after the first washes.

Cover washing

Before washing your sofa cover, you should check in the instruction guide or label if the product admits detergents or cleaning solutions. Then remove the cover from your sofa, starting at the back from bottom to top.

In case your sofa includes a zipper, proceed to close it and thus avoid damage. To wash it in the washing machine, you must check the label to verify the water temperature that the product supports, in addition, you must program a short wash cycle and use delicate laundry detergents and the spin should be a short and gentle cycle.

Drying the cover

To dry the covers, it is recommended to put them in the sun as stretched as possible and in this way the drying process will be much faster. It is recommended to lay the cover upside down so that the sun does not discolor the garment.

The cushions usually include zippers. To dry them, you need to open them and lay them in the sunlight fully stretched and upside down for faster drying.

Once the sofa cover is washed and dried, you will have your clean product again to be used.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a sofa cover?

To make a sofa cover, the first thing is to make a sketch or, failing that, follow an already elaborated pattern, based on the sofa model (two-seater, three-seater, relax). Next, it is necessary to take the measurements of the sofa, not including the armrests. Then it is necessary to acquire a textile material that adjusts to the needs and tastes. With the help of a sewing machine, as well as thread, the pattern or sketch must be followed. In addition, for the model to be resistant, it is recommended to make double seams and add elastic on the edges, since, in this way, the cover will remain in place.

Q2: How to clean a sofa cover?

Cleaning a sofa cover will depend on the level of dirt. In the case of dust, simply shake or vacuum the surface. If it is stains, the sofa cover must be removed. Then, if it is of a delicate textile, the prudent thing is to wash by hand with lukewarm water and neutral detergent. If the cover is made of sturdy fabric, it can be machine washed. In either case, no bleach or strong chemicals should be used. The vast majority of manufacturers specify the least harmful washing method. 

Q3: How to fix a sofa cover?

To fix a sofa cover, the area where the problem has occurred must be located. Being textile products, the most frequent damage is usually in the seams or that holes have appeared in some area of ​​the surface. In the first case, it will be necessary to remove the cover and, with the help of thread and needle, reinforce the seam, for which it is recommended to use thread of the same color. In the case of a hole, the same method as above can be used to join the parts. However, if the damage is greater, it may be necessary to add a patch of the same color and fabric.

Q4: How to hold a sofa cover?

To hold a sofa cover, it is necessary to use the elastic bands that the majority of models incorporate in the corners. The cover should extend over the sofa and after coupling hems are made behind the cushions and the lines of the elastic bands are followed at the edges. With this, it should be attached. Likewise, if additional protection is desired, there are those who use butterfly clips, which are discreetly added under the sofa to further fasten the cover to the original upholstery.

Q5: How to measure a sofa cover?

To measure a sofa cover it is necessary to extend it and, with the help of a tape measure, begin to measure length and width. However, it is often frequent to measure the sofa first and, according to its measurements, a protective cover that meets the dimensions will be selected. For this, it is prudent to check the dimensions obtained from the measurement, with the size table of the preferred cover model.

Q6: How to put on a sofa cover with ties?

First, the cover must be spread over the sofa to cover all parts of it. It is convenient to leave the cover at the appropriate height and leave the excess fabric on the bottom of the sofa, and then collect it with the ties. After fastening the excess fabric while respecting the aesthetics of the sofa, it is necessary to fold the part of the armrest with the ribbons to make a loop that will join the doubles that have just been placed. The same should be done on the other armrest. There is usually another ribbon on the back of the sofa that should also be turned into a tie to adjust.

Q7: What to do to keep the sofa cover from moving?

In order for the sofa cover to not move, it will be necessary to make the adjustments appropriately and ensure that all the parts match the structure of the sofa. In some cases, excess fabric will need to be folded and stored under the sofa seats so that it is taut and smooth. Others recommend that tight cover models be purchased to keep it from moving.


We tried our best to point out everything regarding the best fabric slipcovers. Though it may be a big article, but if you read it one time, we hope you will not have any more questions about your slipcover. The listed best cheap sofa covers are tested manually and included in this post after testing. So, you can pick any of the item listed and reviewed above if you wish to buy. And share this post if you like and think this might help your friends and colleagues.

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