The 5 Best Leather For Couches of 2020 – Reviews & Guides

Very few pieces of furniture are as luxurious and modern as leather couches. The thing you use first after returning from your work is the leather couch. It is such a material that beautifies any type of house. A leather sofa decorates an entire living room. It has the power to change the atmosphere of a place and attract the viewers. You won’t need various things to beautify your room if you have the best leather for couches.

Why buy luxury leather sofas?

Sofas are an imposing presence that fills any room with personality and style. They are the protagonists of the decoration and also our “operations centre”, the place where we drop after a hard day. For these reasons and many others, the sofa is an essential piece of furniture that must be chosen carefully.

Types of sofas

There are many types of sofas, and they can be classified according to different categories: by construction materials, by styles, by structure, by configuration …

Broadly speaking, as far as models are concerned, we find linear sofas on the market, made up of a bench-like structure that accommodates two or three seats; corner sofas, perfect for large rooms where we want to take advantage of the space. Sofas with chaise-longue, ideal for comfort lovers; 3 + 2 sofas. The classic triplets made up of two pieces of furniture with space for three and two people; and the sofa beds, popular furniture where they have an essential function to accommodate unexpected guests.

Structures and Upholstery

What is the first thing we should look at when buying a sofa? Of course, its structure. A good sofa should have a solid and reliable wooden frame, which supports the foam rubber, the slats and / or the upholstery springs. Especially if we have children at home (so fond of jumping on the sofa), it is necessary to have a sturdy piece of furniture that can withstand everything they throw at it.

The foam rubber must be of medium density and in good condition. As for the upholstery, it is best to choose resistant canvas fabrics and in long-lasting colors; White couches are gorgeous, but not two weeks go by without them looking dingy.

Removable covers

Another fundamental aspect when choosing a sofa upholstered in fabric is the possibility of removing the different components, to be able to wash them or change them for new covers when they break down.

It is advisable to spend some time looking at the zippers, velcro or closure systems, to check that they are in good condition and that they are easy to handle. We should also find out if the fabric has a tendency to shrink: nobody likes to wash the covers, only to be unable to replace them later.

Season covers

If we want to renew our sofa but we do not want to spend a fortune on reupholstering it, an excellent solution is to put a cover on it.

They are available in many colors, styles and fabrics, for winter and summer. Another option is to cover the sofa with a large plaid, handkerchief or fabric with which we will give it an exotic touch full of personality.

Ethnic fabrics from places like Morocco, India or China are perfect for this task, and will fill our room with style and color for very little money. If we have several models, we can change our sofa every season and renovate the living room quickly and beautifully.

Ecological or authentic leather

A good option, when it comes to cleaning, are sofas made of eco-leather or quality leatherette. These furniture are easily cleaned with special soaps for leather and skin, mixing the soap with water and removing the dirty foam. Genuine leather sofas are more expensive, but offer unsurpassed beauty and comfort.

If taken care of well they can last for many years and offer an increasingly attractive appearance. A good example is the Chesterfield sofas (also known as Chester), a classic English design that shows the classic button-tufted button back.

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