15 Best Cheap Hiking Boots Under $25 Of 2020 – Reviews

If you are planning a backpacking or mountain trip, you should know that wearing suitable and good quality shoes is essential for better enjoyment. Your adventurous character can be greatly affected if you do not wear footwear that offers comfort and protection on this type of journey.

For this reason, we have dedicated this post to you, so you can find out about the latest cheap hiking boots, taking into account quality and, above all, where to get them at the best price. You no longer have to worry about the wide variety of products on the market. Read this post and we guarantee that you will be able to buy with the best price-quality ratio

What should you consider before buying hiking boots?

1. Material

Hiking boots are for use on uneven terrain and, in many cases, in extreme weather conditions, so it is necessary that they be made of highly resistant materials, not only to water, but also to impacts. We recommend buying those that are made of 100% waterproof fabric, which have sealed seams, to make them more durable. You should also look at the sole material, as it must be strong enough to resist impacts and guarantee the best grip on any type of ground. Rubber lugged soles are highly recommended.

2. Quality of the workforce

Not only is the quality of the external materials important, but it is also essential that the internal insole is ergonomic so that it can give you comfort, especially on long walks. At this point, we recommend buying hiking boots with breathable, padded insoles that allow you to keep your foot in the correct posture and totally dry. Likewise, boots with polyester insoles with padded arch will also be a good choice, since they will allow you to cushion the footprint on unstable floors even more. 

3. Weight

This is a very important feature that you should check before buying a trekking boot. Hiking and hiking are high-performance activities, which are usually strenuous, so you don’t want to add more weight than necessary by wearing very sturdy boots. On this point, we recommend the shoes made with techlite technology, which are lighter and more versatile. Those that have been made using fabric instead of leather are also preferable.  

4. Length of the shank

This point has a lot to do with how you will use your trekking boots. If you are going to use them for outdoor walks, with a low level of difficulty, you can buy a low-top shoe that simply protects your feet from the water, and offers the greatest comfort when walking. If, on the other hand, you plan to hike on unstable ground, it is better to choose medium or high boots that guarantee the correct posture of the foot and ankle, and protect more effectively from possible blows or falls. 

5. Protection

Before buying your hiking shoes you should make sure that the design provides protection to your feet against possible knocks or falls. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy those with sealed seams, since they guarantee that the different parts of the boot will not come off, and your feet will stay protected at all times. In addition, you should discard any footwear where you notice that the parts have been glued together, since they will most likely not resist impact. Boots that come with hooks to fix the ropes are also recommended, as they guarantee a firm and continuous hold.

Best brands of hiking boots

  • Salomon –  This brand is recognized for dedicating itself to the manufacture of all kinds of accessories for outdoor sports. Its wide and varied clothing and footwear line and its hiking boot models are characterized by comfortable designs, not too heavy and well armed.
  • Chiruca – This Spanish brand is very popular thanks to the use of Gore Tex technology, which guarantees the impermeability of its products and that they are fully breathable, offering comfort and durability. Its catalog is very extensive, with very modern models that adapt to new trends and tastes.
  • Gnediae – The products of this brand are among the best sellers in online stores, due to their designs and high quality. In addition to boots, they also manufacture sports shoes in a wide variety of models for all tastes.

What are hiking boots?

It is the type of footwear used for all those extreme activities that involve mountain, they are light boots and less agile, however, they protect more, provide greater security, stabilize and help a lot when doing long walks with a greater weight. Without a doubt, it is a key product that should not be missing in the equipment when making our hiking trails.

Types of hiking boots according to the activity to be carried out

Undoubtedly, your feet are the base on which your body rests and moves. In rigid outdoor activities these must have appropriate protection, if these fail you, it will harm you in everything else. Next, we show you what type of footwear is the most suitable for each difficulty of mountain sport:

Soft mountain shoes

These are the most convenient for those activities that do not require many difficulties, normally, they are very similar to ordinary sports shoes, with the difference that they have a sole with greater support and grip. The lightness of these hiking boots will help us in the climb through areas where a hard sole will not be very useful. In case of crossing areas with water or mud, it may be appropriate to use a waterproof or goretex boot, to keep our feet completely dry and to protect our ankles with its half-round.

Semi-rigid or technical boots

In the event that the route becomes difficult or hiking becomes difficult, it is important that our ankles are well cared for and protected. A sprain up the mountain will be a serious problem, so it can be avoided using certain means. In the middle of the mountains it is very easy to get stones and edges with affiliated points, the semi-rigid sole will not allow you to end up with your badly damaged foot, but it will be flexible enough to provide comfort during the journey. In this way, I recommend that you never go out on a long route with these semi-rigid boots without having previously trained them on a short route. This will be a good way to avoid having blisters and chafing.

High Mountain Hard Sole Boots

Normally, the soles have a hardness that can almost be similar to ski boots. With these shoes it is not easy to walk since their flex is little. Mostly, they tend to be quite heavy, although there are some models that have managed to minimize this considerably. These types of technical footwear are ideal for use on very strong routes and where the ankles are very well protected and restrained. They also have adjustments for the use of semi-automatic and even automatic crampons, since the journey through ice areas can be frequent.

In this high-hiking shoe, the thermal preservation capacity is also important, since the temperatures from which your feet and toes must protect you can become very extreme, with very low oxygen levels, which together can cause frostbite.

Advantages of wearing trekking boots

Knowing the great benefits that hiking boots offer you is essential since this way they will take better advantage of its advantages. This type of footwear has always been characterized by having many qualities, among them the most important are:

  • Lightweight: They are very easy to carry anywhere, whether off-road or not, and they are also very practical and comfortable to move around.
  • Mobility: They do not attack your mobility, rather attached to your crampons or you will not feel them.
  • Cushioning: They are perfect to resist any type of footprint, whether it is bad or some impact you have with the surface, also, their soles are strong and resistant.
  • Protects ankles: Ideal to protect this area, especially when doing this type of rustic and difficult activities.
  • It favors balance:  They help each footprint to be strong, conserving perseverance and thus climbing great mountains. 

How to wear hiking boots?

Using this type of mountain shoe is a super simple task, in addition, to make them safer and complement them, they should almost always be used with the included crampons. Thus, as below, we show you the process you must perform to put on these two accessories.

  • Put on your boot: Generally, most mountain shoes have grooves in the heels, this in order to be able to adapt to the crampons. Remember to always tighten the locks well for your safety.
  • Adapt your crampon: Whether automatic or semi-automatic, don’t forget to attach the straps to your shoes and start your sports route on any surface of ice or snow.

How to choose hiking boots? 

The first thing we should do is choose our boots based on the type of activities we are going to do in the mountains. The activity we are going to carry out, the type of terrain we are going to cover and the season of the year in which we will carry out the expedition are the key. Before going to a store to buy footwear, we must have these very clear points, apart from a series of important elements that must be taken into account in order to make a good choice and, therefore, a good purchase, these are the following:


The sole must always be non-slip and studded. The best option will be that we decide on Vibram sole, this is usually more grippy, cushions the impacts and is very resistant to abrasion. However, some brands make their own sole. Likewise, some of them have a pointed edge and heel to be able to adapt crampons with automatic fixation.


Almost always in the mountains the weather conditions can vary sharply, so we recommend choosing footwear that is waterproof. Climbing and walking with wet feet is not advisable at all and will make your activity unnecessary torture. So when it comes to choosing your waterproof boots, make sure it also has good breathability.


At the time of going to the mountains, we need to be comfortable, dry and without overheating, for this we will need a shoe that transpires. We would not want our feet to be completely wet with sweat, for this it is essential that our shoes have a breathable membrane that ventilates our feet.

Hardness and flexibility

These two factors refer to the stiffness not only of the boot, but especially of its sole. While the terrain is more difficult, the hardness of your shoes will also have to be. Low-stiffness or semi-stiff boots are much more comfortable when walking, as they better fit the shape of the foot while walking.

Crampon adjustment 

Some boots have grooves, designed to attach the crampon either automatic or semi-automatic. With semi-rigid boots you can buy strap crampons, however, for automatic and semi-automatic there are special models in the toes that facilitate their adjustment.


The function of this type of footwear is to stabilize us. Whether in the mountains, on difficult terrain, it is very possible that we will tread badly. For this reason, the shoe must avoid dangerous imbalances, since these can cause injuries or a serious fall. So that this does not happen, the sole and midsole have to have a different design than the traditional one, the more technical the boot, the stiffer the sole. When hiking with weight, it is important to have good footwear that stabilizes us and cushions our feet against greater pressure.

How much money should I spend on my trekking boots?

The mountain footwear is totally appropriate to execute these types of rustic and adventure activities, occasionally, its cost often varies due to its quality, however, if you are an apprentice in the subject or a completely fanatical expert, know the differences of both types of boots regarding the price will not be other:

  • Cheapest hiking boots (less than $50): The cheap hiking boots, for the most part, are not from recognized brands, but this does not harm when it comes to fulfilling their function of offering complete safety, comfort and especially excellent flexibility at the time to climb.
  • Best quality hiking boots (over $50): These models of hiking boots are a bit exclusive, standing out for their great brands in the market, they allow you to choose and be completely and comfortably safe in your adventure without any incident, they are designs that In addition, they serve as a common shoe if you prefer to choose it.

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