10 Best Cheap Sleeping Bags Under $25 2020 – Reviews

Carrying a quality bag is essential to ensure a good sleep during your adventures; be it a trip through South America, a trek through the Pyrenees or a bicycle route.

At the same time, we don’t want to carry one of those big, heavy sleeping bags. Today, most brands have developed new technologies to create a super light and compact sleeping bags, providing excellent comfort at low temperatures.

If you are looking for a suitable sleeping bag, you are in the right place! Our team researched on various brands and made a list of the best cheap sleeping bags for your convenience. Let’s start!

The 10 Best Cheap Sleeping Bags 2020

Some things to keep in mind before choosing the best lightweight sleeping bag:

Sleeping bag or duvet?

Quilts usually have compressed insulation at the bottom, with the contact with the inflatable mattress keeping you warm. This fact makes them lighter and sometimes cheaper, since fewer feathers are used to build quilts. Most comforters do not have a hood; which could come in handy during a cold winter.

The sleeping bags surround your entire body, having the same amount of feathers distributed throughout the bag. They usually have a hood to make you feel warmer.

Personally, I prefer sleeping bags  since I can sleep much better.

Feathers or synthetics

Down sleeping bags are more compressed and have a longer life. A good sleeping bag can last more than 15 years, while synthetics usually do not last more than 7 years at most.

Synthetic bags are usually cheaper and more resistant to humid climates. However, most of today’s feather models are made with waterproof materials and include a waterproof protection bag, so they are also well adapted to wet weather.

If you are looking for a durable and high quality foot muff , I would definitely choose a feather bag .


Sleeping bags are not exactly cheap. However, it is important to have a good sleeping bag when you face harsh climates, and although you can spend a little more than expected, then you will be happy when you are sleeping very warm. You can also find some decent models from around $100.


This is an important factor that I have taken into account when recommending the best models. Some sleeping bags can be heavy and bulky. So I have tried to make a comparison of the lightest sleeping bags.

What temperature index is suitable for me?

This is normally the biggest problem when choosing a bag. Some people are whopping than others, so it will depend on each one and, of course, on the temperature of the place where you go camping.

Generally speaking, I recommend:

Above 7 ° C  for spring and summer travel.
0-6 ° C  for autumn routes.
Below 0 ° C  for cold winter routes.

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