How to choose the best cover for leather couches

The sofa is one of the most beautiful things to think about pleasant sitting. It also a precious material for our house and so that it needs some extra care to get long durability. So, choosing the best sofa cover for leather couches is very important to get long-lasting comfort.

This is a decision that can give us some headaches. The elastic, duo, sofa saver, foulard, wooden arms? An endless number of models that make us insecure when choosing. Here, we are going to try to help you in your choice, but you should know that you are the most suitable person to know what type of cover would fit best by size, type or volume.

Elastic Covers

The elastic covers allow us to cover our sofas quickly and efficiently completed. The fabric with which they are made is horizontally stretchy, and they are woven in Jacquard providing excellent durability to them. The elastic covers can only be placed on sofas that incorporate removable cushions, or that can be removed since these are introduced by the elastic chamois that incorporates the same cover inside so that it presses down the fabric and is coupled to the shapes of your sofa preventing the cover from moving once placed.

Multi-elastic Covers

The main characteristic that the fabric of the multi-elastic covers offers us is the elasticity, which goes horizontally and vertically. Jacquard woven sofa covers that provide excellent durability and standard size. Thoroughly recommended for leather sofas or with fixed seat cushions and that do not allow the fixing system of an elastic cover. We also recommend this type of very fluffy or bulky armrest sofa covers. These covers incorporate pieces of foam that fix the cover to the sofa, preventing it from moving.


Wing sofa is one that has two projections horizontally on the backrest at head height: available wing covers: 1 seat. The elastic arm sofa covers include two independent parts: chassis + seat cushion. Multi-elastic sofa covers include only one piece that covers the entire sofa.

Duo system

Sofa cover composed of two individual pieces, you can cover the chassis independently of the cushions to take full advantage of the design of your sofa. Please note that this cover is only compatible with sofas where the seat cushions are not fixed and do not fit too far below the backrest (This cover is not valid for sofas with sliding seats).

Chaise longue covers

Made of elastic or multi-elastic fabric depending on models, with this cover you can completely cover your chaise longue sofa. Consult size guide within each item. Includes 4 pieces of foam that fix the cover to the sofa preventing it from moving. 

Chaise lounge covers

Like the savers, the chaise longue covers are made up of 3 independent pieces that cover the arms and a central part of the seat-backrest separately. You can choose between the normal model (long sofa seat cover without counting armrests up to 230-260cm) or XL (long sofa seat cover without counting armrests up to 270-300cm). Regardless of the Left or Right arm.


The sofa protector is a 3-piece garment that covers our armrests and the central part of the seat-back independently. This item is ideal for covering the sofa as quickly as possible, ideal for sofas with straight lines or irregular shapes.

Trundle sofa bed covers

Also called clic clac sofa cover or wooden arms sofa cover composed of 1 “book-type” piece.

Relax armchair covers

Relax chair covers, valid for mechanized relax chairs in which the footrest is independent of the seat and for those in which the footrest is attached to the chair (feet together). These covers completely cover the entire sofa, consisting of several pieces (see specifications for each model) with which an optimal result and unbeatable usability are achieved. They do not move when using the relax function, made in different fabrics and qualities:

Elastic Fabric: elastic in one direction, horizontal. Ideal for a perfect fit on standard furniture shapes.

Multi-elastic fabric: elastic in two directions, horizontal and vertical. Perfect for a better adaptation to any form of furniture that you propose to cover or for higher volume armchairs.

Power cover fabric: super-stretch elastic in all directions. Ideal for a perfect adaptation to any form of chair on the market thanks to its super-elastic power.

If your relaxed chair is one feet together (the footrest is attached to the chair), you can also place a relaxed sofa cover, available in the sofa cover section.

Chair covers

Seat covers or seat + backrest of standard type made of elastic or multi-elastic fabric. (seat size +/- 45×45).

IKEA sofa covers

These covers are made exclusively for the best-selling Ikea models. Check in this section the available models.

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