How to choose the best travel luggage

Choosing the best travel bags is not easy because it depends on many factors: duration, transportation, destination, etc. One of the first things to consider is that it is manageable. This is indifferent to the type of transport that we use since with all there will be some sections that we have to do carrying our trolley/luggage. Therefore an excessively large or heavy suitcase is not highly recommended, perhaps it is a better option to divide it into two, as it may be a carry-on suitcase.

What should I take into account when choosing luggage?

Suitcase size

If the trip is by plane, we can afford a larger size than by train, car or bus, where space is more limited. But beware of excess baggage supplements that can make us more expensive. Most of the suitcases currently sold have wheels, and better if they are made of rubber and with bearings. They will work better and are much more durable than plastic ones.

Suitcase hardness

Regarding the hardness of the exterior of the travel suitcase, it is a matter of taste and the type of trip, but there are things to consider. The rigid ones are not the most suitable for the car since they take up a lot of space and can be challenging to fit. In this case, it is better to opt for semi-rigid or soft. We will not put too much weight on it either, and as we handle it, we can take into account the delicate things.

By plane, from the moment you check in your luggage and until you collect it on the conveyor belt, your suitcases will have come a long way on the conveyor belts, they will have changed hands several times, they will have suffered numerous blows and they will have been under many kilos of luggage. The rigid ones protect all the content, but the most common is that when you collect them they are scratched, beaten, and even broken.

The suitcases soft do not protect the inside and you should take care to wear what can break into hand luggage or put it in the suitcase inside a container to protect it. Normally these suitcases/trolleys withstand blows better and usually come quite well. Rigids seems like the best option to fly. On the one hand, the luggage is partially protected and on the other, as they are not completely hard, they have better resistance to knocks.

If you travel by train or bus, anyone can do it. In this case, the rigid suitcases guarantee that your luggage arrives perfectly and as you take care of putting them in and out of the luggage compartment, you can protect them better. Of course, keep in mind that the rigid ones weigh more than the others and you are the one who carries them.

Suitcase handle

Other details that we would have to look at when buying is the handle of the travel suitcase. It must be seen that it is of sufficient length for us. Some are too short, and you end up bent or carrying the briefcase. Zippers can burst, especially on the return, if we have made many purchases. It is better than the travel suitcase is extendable, it will have a double zipper, and if necessary it will get us out of a hurry.

If we look for high-end, the more warranty it has from the factory, the better it will be, if you travel frequently, it is better to forget the Chinese. It should also have a security lock or failing that you have to put a suitable padlock; the small ones open quickly.

Four-wheeled suitcases

It doesn’t matter how far you travel or what type of traveler you are. When buying suitcases you should always make sure that it is practical and easy to transport. Before, if you were going on a long trip, we had to carry huge and heavy suitcases. This problem is over with four-wheeled suitcases or trolley cases. Moving these suitcases is as easy as pushing them with a single finger. Of course, take into account its size, since generally, the four-wheeled suitcases are usually larger than the four-wheeled ones.

Differentiating element

Do not forget to put some differentiating elements. As in everything, there are also fashions in the suitcases and it is not difficult to see many of the same and that ours ends up in other people’s hands by mistake, or not.

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