How To Clean Your Leather Handbag – Tips & Tricks

Several women who are fond of buying handbags and most of these are usually made of leather so that we will see below, what steps we have to take to properly care for them with a good cleaning. We use bags every day, and obviously, they have to be cleaned almost daily, especially when it comes to getting rid of not only stains but also bad smells, so let’s see now how to clean them the right way.

Before starting the cleaning process, we will tell you some excellent tips that might help you to have long-lasting use of your leather handbag.

What should not be done with leather bags?

  1. Leather bags cannot be stored for more than three days in completely closed spaces; This can cause damage to the leather and begin to peel and fall off. Most of the time these bags tend to produce very bad odors since they are kept in the closet for a long time or they get wet and do not dry well.
  2. It cannot be left soaking for several consecutive days, since its resistance would be affected; In addition, greenish spots may appear that are not easily removed; so, take precaution when wetting this material with which the bag is made.
  3. Another thing that cannot be done is to put these bags in washing machines; since, being of this material, it can alter the texture of the same and also that it may contain animal hair that they have used to make it.
  4. If to wash it, the most ideal would be to wash it manually and with implements that cannot affect its texture.

We have listed some natural ways to clean up your leather bag without damaging the skin. You might need some elements to get a glorious look of you leather bag.

Steps to clean a leather bag

  1. Sometimes the bags have a bad smell, perhaps because they have not been used for a long time and have been stored with little care in the wardrobe. It is possible to intervene effectively, eliminating the bad smell with natural methods. First, open all the pockets and zippers and put the bag in the air free, for most of the odor disappears naturally.
  2. To strengthen odor removal, grab a cotton ball and bathe it with 5 drops of tea tree oil or cinnamon essential oil and rub the inside of the bag well.
  3. If the bag can be washed, fill a bowl with hot water and melt a tablespoon of baking soda. Dip the bag in that mixture for a few hours. After the necessary time, rinse with warm water and repeat the washing if you consider it necessary.
  4. Thoroughly dries metal decorations and hinges so they don’t rust and ruin.
  5. On the other hand, if we are going to keep the bag in the closet, it will be easy for it to end up with mold spots, so it is good to always keep the bags with the envelopes that contain “silica gel”, which absorb moisture and manage to counteract effectively forming mold spots. Instead, to remove mold spots already caused by humidity, you must wipe with a cloth soaked in alcohol diluted with water.

Leave to dry and then rinse with a damp cloth and drain with mild soap and water. If, on the other hand, you don’t have denatured alcohol on hand, you can also use a solution made with water and vinegar and then go through the bag with a clean cloth.

  • And for a general cleaning of a leather bag, which may also have pieces of suede or velvet, it is better to use a clean cotton swab or a cloth soaked in cow’s milk that will gently pass over the entire surface or directly on the stains that you see.
  • Then all you have to do is dry and clean with a dry cloth.
  • If you see that the bag has specific stains, you can try to remove them with a normal rubber, those found in stationery. Gently rub it on the skin until the stain comes out.
  • Do not forget about the normal maintenance of your leather bag, so we recommend that you use a fairly solid body moisturizer. To polish the bag, however, you can wear an old pair of nylon stockings and your bag will look like new.
  • On the other hand, you should know that during the summer, the skin of the bag suffers the consequences of the sun, so you should always protect the bag as much as possible so that the skin does not weaken. Place the bag in the shade.
  • Finally, we have to point out that to keep bags clean longer, you should keep them hanging on hangers and never stacked one inside the other. Also avoid storing bags with things inside, and always remove dust.

Tips for caring for leather bags

The most important thing is that you keep your bag out of danger of getting dirty with other articles or objects near it that could stain it. While you are not using your bag, put it in a rubber bag where it fits very well, so that dust or cosmetics that could make it dirty on the outside and the humidity of the environment will not be able to damage it.

Whenever you keep colors, pencils, pens, food or makeup in your bag, make sure they are well packaged, for example, a poorly closed eyeshadow can release dust on the lining of your bag, the grease of the food penetrate on the leather of the bag, or a poorly closed feather can paint the lining, and even break the skin of the leather bag.

Don’t forget to remove all the contents of your bag at least once every three days, so that you can shake it and see if there is dirt. When you put something in your bag, arrange it well so you can take it out easily and do not mess it up, so you also avoid the accumulation of dirt.

A leather bag can be a beautiful object to complement our clothing or a very useful work tool, so having it in good condition and clean is the ideal to take care of it.

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