How to make leather bracelets at your home

Accessories such as bracelets never go out of style. Although today we can buy countless models on the market, we can always make them by hand. You do not need to know about painting or decoration, you can create string bracelets with a little patience. With this DIY you can make bracelets of many different kinds. In this article, we want to share with you how to string bracelets are made in the easiest way. What varies, in this case, are the knots or points used, but the colors we want can be used. Anyone can make them and also wear them at any time.

Bracelets are perhaps one of the accessories that never go out of style and that we can also do easily ourselves. Among those that are currently worn the most are rubber bracelets or macrame bracelets, but leather or leather bracelets are also a trend, so if you want to know how to make leather bracelets we explain it to you below, step by step and easy way.

The trend of leather bracelets

Now everyone is used to wearing accessories to feel even more beautiful and attractive, to give an even more interesting image. And one of the most used accessories, both by men and women, are bracelets.

Leather bracelets are the most appreciated by men, but are actually perfect for both men and women of all ages, so they have become a trend . In addition, the leather bases adapt to practically any type of clothing , from the sporty to the most elegant. You can buy them alone or with some detail or jewelry and they are sold in all kinds of jewelers and accessory stores, but if you think about it yourself or you can make your leather bracelets at home.

We are going to explain step by step how to make a leather bracelet, personalized and decorated with a bead. With a little patience and practice, we will then be able to make all kinds of bracelets. You dare?

What materials do I need for making leather bracelets?

  • The thread or thread combinations that we want.
  • Accessories of metal, wood, plastic, etc.
  • Hook to hold the threads.
  • Scissors and cardboard.

Prepare the threads to make the bracelet

We will start by cutting a thread of a meter and a half with the color that we like the most. We will cut 50 centimeters of that thread and reserve it. It is important to consider the size of the doll. Therefore, you always have to try to see the final length and be able to rehearse the point well.

We will fold each thread in half so that we have four strands left. There should be two of 25 centimeters and another two of 50 centimeters. Remember, you just have to fold them, you don’t have to cut them. We will tie a knot holding the four strands, making sure that there is a buttonhole of 2 centimeters upwards. If you leave a knot it will only be ideal for a men’s bracelet. 

If you incorporate an accessory, a more feminine bracelet will remain. You have to hold the buttonhole tightly to start making the point of the bracelet. In this case, we will put the buttonhole on the hook to help us make the bracelet. In this way, the threads will not move or we will lose the point while we are working.

Start tying the knots

We will pass the thread on the leftover of the central cords, leaving them loose. Then we will pass the thread on the right under the central threads. We will cross it below the cord on the left. In this way, there will be a knot that will wrap the two central cords. We will adjust it strongly, always pulling the central cords and trying to raise the knot that will be created well.

The next knot is the same as the first, but vice versa. We will start with the thread on the right and we will pass it over the central threads leaving them loose. Then we will pass the thread on the left under the central threads and cross it under the thread on the right. 

We must bear in mind that the central threads have the mission of supporting the knots. That is the reason why they are shorter than the side strands. Once we have finished all the knots, we can add a ring or make a strong final knot.

We will cut the excess threads. In order to adjust the bracelet to the wrist you must tie a knot to the final threads. In this way, a kind of ball will be slightly larger than the buttonhole at the other end. So, we can pass it through the buttonhole and prevent it from coming off. 

Another alternative is to tie part of the excess threads by putting them through the buttonhole and then tie a knot. Another interesting alternative to secure the bracelet is to put a closure. For this, we can buy it in a haberdashery or a store specialized in DIY products.

If you make this kind of bracelet with the knots always from the right or from the left, you will get a curious effect. 

You will see that as there is a knot, it seems to be spiraling. This is something that looks much better if the bracelet is made with leather or as in this case, with fine thread.

Steps to make leather bracelets

To make a leather bracelet, the first thing of all is that you buy the necessary materials: some leather cords and beads. The leather is available in most craft stores , haberdashery, a shoemaker or online pages; The beads are also available in stores as haberdasheries, they can be chosen based on the taste and imagination of each one, as long as they have holes large enough to pass the leather strip that we have recovered . You also need  a pair of scissors and tape.

  1. We will start our leather bracelet by cutting two pieces of leather cord. To estimate approximately the required length, we can wrap the cord around our wrist and lengthen the measurement obtained by about ten centimeters.
  2. We tie the two pieces together making a knot at the end and glue to a work surface with some adhesive tape over the knot.
  3. We insert a bead or bead in one of the two cords, making it slide to the node, and then we make a simple knot using both strips to “close”.
  4. We repeat the process with all the accounts that we want to insert, taking care to place them so that they are equidistant and harmonious with each other. One tip: Regarding the shape and size of the beads, we would like to suggest that you choose them fairly similar to each other to avoid having the leather laces rolled upon themselves.
  5. As soon as we have reached the desired length so that the bracelet fits perfectly to our wrist, we will adjust the last bead that we place with the same knot made at the beginning of the procedure.
  6. Lastly, cut off any excess material, but remember to keep it long enough to tie it to your wrist.

Final tips to make the string bracelet well

The bracelet may not be successful on the first attempt. For this reason, you must arm yourself with patience and practice until you are comfortable and make them look perfect. You can try different types of yarn to see their width and length and see what the results are like. You must be patient and follow the steps one by one, the process is very easy. When you have done it several times, you will see how it does not cost you work. Also, when the time comes, you can make a bracelet in a matter of minutes.

When you have experience, you can make more original variations. You can include threads of various colors or different materials. You can also buy bracelet threads that have glitters, gradients, and different kinds of patterns. With this, you can create a whole universe of different proposals with which you will surprise anyone.

Who knows, you may become a professional and turn your creations into a source of income in addition to hobbies. Many successful entrepreneurs have managed to earn money thanks to their ideas in the art of crafts 

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